Our 7-Part Exam And Guarantee

The breakout cost of these 7 parts is normally $250, but if you are a new patient we offer it for $47. Here is what to expect!

Part 1: A private consultation. To learn about you and what brought you here.

Part 2: A range of motion exam. To learn which joints are restricted and painful.

Part 3: Nerve test. To isolate which nerves are causing your pain.

Part 4: Muscle test. To isolate your weak, painful or spastic muscles.

Part 5: Orthopedic test. A holistic view of which joints are limiting your activities.

Part 6: Chiropractic treatment. Get some immediate pain relief!

Part 7: Bonus bottle of Biofreeze. Take home a natural pain relieving gel.

Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied within 72 hours, you may get a refund. You will also get an exam within 7 minutes of your scheduled appointment.

New Patients $47

  • 2 Part Consultation
  • 4 Part Exam
  • 2 X-Rays (if needed)
  • 2 Pain Relieving Treatments
  • 1 Chiropractic Treatment